Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I need a sugar daddy... that dont want no sugar

I HATE living from paycheck to paycheck. I love my job, I make good money, I just can not afford everything I need. Meaning I still need a car but because of my credit I can not get one. I need either an actual apartment or house but because of my credit I can not get one. I have some plans in the works but I'm sooo impatient. UGH! 

Where are all the sugar daddies at... you know the ones that dont want the sugar... Probably looking for much younger girls LOL but hey I can be cute when I want to! I can be fun, as long as it is before 10pm because let's face it after 10pm I'm tired! I can be spontaneous, as long as I have some notice to give my work and kids.... wow I sound like the perfect girlfriend LOL.... oh well I guess I can take that plan off the list. 

I have been sick the last few days... pneumonia sucks. I finally gave in and went to the er last night. I'm getting better but I still feel like I was hit by a truck... not a semi anymore though just like an F150 or something... Well I wanted to pop in and tell everyone I was ok... Ok really I was bored and needed to do something other than watch the women on Maury swear up and down that he IS the father.... hehehe

Image result for maury he is not the father

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