Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Latte and other normal white girl things...

I hate living in Texas... I want to start doing all the fall things but doing it while I'm wearing shorts and a tank top just isnt the same.... I'm pretty sure since it is still so hot here though I can make my niecey poo who is 10 help me with some Halloween crafts this weekend... We have a big pile of scrap fence at my mom's that is screaming at me to do something crafty!! Plus I think we can start our "practice" cookies!

I have been on Pinterest ALOT lately.... so my goal this weekend is to knock out at least 5 things from my boards.... Next week I'm sure will have a post titled... Pinterest, what went wrong... Or something of that nature... stay tuned :)

I'm feeling better from yesterday. Today I'm at work with actual makeup on my face. I'm working on a 2 week plan. I am probably going to be away from my family during the week for another two weeks while I work on paying off some things. I do have a plan to stay up during that time though. I'm going to excercise because I'm starting to look old and I dont like it.... I need to drink more water... Gross but yea my face needs it. 

Today I was thinking about my dream job... Staying at home and making money from my crafts and writing and cooking/baking... So this holiday season I'm going to offer my treats for sale. We will see what happens... AS for the writing part, well if anyone is reading this besides me, tell me what you would like to see me write about. IF you want to know something about me or my life ask and I'll write about it... If you know me personally you can message me on facebook and say hey write about this or that.... Anyways we will see how this goes!!

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